Active, Artist, Contemporary, Jewelry

Susan Livermore Cauldwell

Susan Livermore Cauldwell is an emerging Midwest Great Lakes jewelry and photography artist. Susan has an eye for detail, and admits that she paints with her camera and jewelry making. An admirer of the Classical Fine Arts, Art Deco, ancient Asian Dynasties, and primitive African Culture; drawing from each, the essence of her artsy: line, light, texture, and color.

So much so, “Colourfields and Waterlines” became the name of her business.

 When I photograph, I’m interested in the shapes light makes, or feelings that come from reflections, offering up their interior secrets”. “I enjoy photographing water, its constant motion, and capturing the beautiful patterns it can create. “The lavender that fog can express is so profound, it can show you the world.

Susan’s work is further inspired by her time spent living in the Southeast of Puerto Rico. Considering color combinations of sea foam green, Caribbean blues, and all things “natural earth”. Her current inspirations are formulated from a trip across the Southwest and Northwest United States, adding the colors of the Grand Canyon, mosses of Oregon, and tiny lichens of Western Washington.

Susan identifies fellow Wisconsinite Georgia O’keeffe, and Ansel Adams, Opal Whiteley among her dearest artists inspirations. I like the flowing style, and motion that exude from Georgia’s work. Cauldwell named a jewelry series after the “compassion” of Whitely.

Centered on the importance of contour, placement, and timing; Cauldwell creates her jewelry for the delight of those that truly appreciate art, not merely as a fashion statement.