Abstract, Active, Artist, Contemporary, Oil

Scott J. Morgan

 My motivation in painting is to tap into the sublime and perfection of the universe. My goal is to present this to the viewer not with the obvious but with intriguing forms and compositions that allow them to get to the essence of beauty and perfection themselves. I want people to be moved and inspired by the simple intersection of lines and color. I want people to experience simple beauty, the way a circle or triangle are beautiful, through forms that have never been seen before, although seem somehow familiar. I want my work to be pure and beautiful fine art, unencumbered by social content and personal angst. I feel like I’m accessing something deeply spiritual whenever I stumble on the right combination of line, movement, color, balance. The paintings evolve the way a sculptor chisels away at a stone to reveal the inherent form of an eagle. I want to be known for creating the perfect curve, and a composition that creates a lifetime of wonder and intrigue.