Artist, InActive

Philip Kramer

Philip Kramer is a Seattle-based artist working predominately in photography. His work is driven by an adventurous spirit, a passion for the natural world, a desire for solitude, and an interest in the artistic expression of experience. Philip strives to create photographs that invoke a sense off time, place, and atmosphere, producing images that are both visually dynamic, and emotive.

Philip’s interest in photography began during high school in Montesano, WA. In 2000 he began photographing seriously and in 2002 he completed an AFA in Photography at Everett Community College. In 2004 he was hired to assist renowned Seattle nature photographer, Art Wolfe. After two years of intense world travel and photographic experience, Philip left Art Wolfe, Inc to pursue his own artistic career. Currently he is working on photographic and writing based projects taking place in Washington’s wilderness areas and in the Grand Canyon.