Abstract, Acrylic, Active, African American, Artist, Contemporary, Mixed Media, Photography

Chuck Smart

Chuck Smart (1941-2008)
An American mixed-media artist

Chuck Smart was born a musician and artist, into a family of musicians and artists, in a culture of music and art. He has traveled throughout the world — performing, collaborating and recording, studying, conducting research and collecting instruments — in England, The Netherlands and Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and Indonesia. He has studied at the Cleveland Music School Settlement, the Karamu House Theater for Dance and Music and the Cleveland Institute of Music, as well as study and performance with Sigma Centrum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He was Associate Dean of Students at Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio) and has been a teacher and trainer/consultant in the United States, Switzerland and the Virgin Islands.

For the past eight or so years, I have worked to develop a personal style in the fairly young and not yet institutionalized world of digital fine art.

The pursuit of this idea was not popular, to say the least, with many artists and other aficionados of fine art. Nonetheless, I felt drawn to this new media and persevered.

Today, as I look back at what has evolved, I have no regrets. I am, in fact, more excited than ever at what is over the artistic horizon in this pursuit of visual expression.

Charles Morgan Smart
April 2004